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Cloud Software for
ESG Reporting

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Designed for CSRD Compliance

We've unpacked the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) into straightforward steps. Follow these steps and monitor your progress without wading through extensive EU legal documents.

Originally, the directive and its 12 associated sector-agnostic standards laid the groundwork for the platform. However, as EFRAG releases new standards and recommendations, the platform continues to evolve.

One option is to use spreadsheets for data aggregation, but our platform provides a centralized web-based solution tailored to your needs—whether it's for a specific business unit, an entire subsidiary, or the parent company.

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Disclosure Requirements

The reporting is structured around specific disclosure requirements, with each section fully equipped with the necessary data points derived from ESRS.

Just like project management software, tasks are organized into clear sections and actions, ensuring a streamlined process. Integrated collaboration tools help ensure that no detail is overlooked. Get your colleagues actively involved in your CSRD reporting efforts to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Adjusted Data Forms and Inputs

Within each disclosure requirement, data points are clearly defined, allowing you to either enter or select information according to established standards and best practices. This clarity minimizes misunderstandings during the data collection and reporting process. An autosave feature guarantees that no information is lost, letting you pick up exactly where you left off.


To extend beyond the ESRS, you can add your own specific requirements and data points to the report.

Enhance transparency by attributing each data point with its corresponding information source.

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Auto-generated Reports

Here, "auto-generate reports" really means a completely automated process that delivers your report in multiple formats including PDF, HTML, iXBRL, Word, and XBRL. The system offers limited but sufficient customization options for report design.

Use HTML to embed, PDF and DOCX for sharing, and XBRL for compliance.

It's important to note that working with XBRL can be challenging and time-consuming. However, our platform provides XBRL functionality right out of the box. Although the ESRS XBRL taxonomy is still under development, we have already incorporated a significant portion of it based on The Draft ESRS Set 1 XBRL Taxonomy.

AI Assistant

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Our AI Assistant, expertly taught about CSRD and ESRS standards is your go-to resource for all aspects of sustainability practices, methods, and methodologies. It offers deep insights and guidance to ESG topics in general and detailed responses for particular disclosure requirements and data points. With our AI Assistant, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, ensuring your reporting process is accurate, comprehensive, and aligned with the latest in sustainability standards.

Double Materiality Assessment - AI Assistant

Other Features

  • Unlimited users

  • Excel export for all data used and created during an reporting

  • All ESRS standards covered resulting in comprehensive disclosure requirements and data points input forms

  • Secure API (GraphQL) for software integrations




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