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Cloud Software for
Double Materiality

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Standardised Methodology

Simplify your double materiality assessment with our 'Standardized Methodology' and workflow which guides you step by step, making sure each phase of the process is clear and effective. With our platform, you handle tasks efficiently, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your Double Materiality Assessment process. It's straightforward, user-friendly, and designed to help you get the job done right.

Double Materiality Assessment - Standardised  Methodology
Double Materiality Assessment - Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Maintain a register of all stakeholders, complete with their contact details and categorised by groups such as clients, employees, partners, NGOs, and more. Beyond simple organization, each stakeholder group can be assigned an impact weight, integrating seamlessly into your assessment results. This feature not only simplifies the way you manage and interact with stakeholders but also enhances the accuracy of your ESG reporting by factoring in the nuanced influence of each stakeholder group.

Sustainability Topics

Identify potentially relevant sustainability topics, sub-topics, sub-sub-topics for your organisation. Utilise the ESRS lists to pinpoint the most relevant and material issues, taking into account your sector's activities, operational locations, and the breadth of your value chain. This feature enables you to categorise these topics by their impact, associated risks, and potential opportunities, providing a clear and actionable framework for your sustainability assessments and reporting.

Double Materiality Assessment -  Relevant Topic Management
Double Materiality Assessment - Impacts Risks and Opportunities Management

Impacts, Risks and Opportunities Management

Document and manage various aspects of your organisation's impacts, risks, and opportunities, providing fields for detailed descriptions, severities, types of impact, relevant time periods, and more.

Enhance your efficiency with our AI-powered functionality, which can automatically generate draft entries for impacts, risks, and opportunities, streamlining your management process and ensuring that no critical element is overlooked in your ESG strategy.

Automated Web Surveys

Streamline your stakeholder engagement with our automated Web surveys. Tailor your surveys by selecting specific topics (or sub-topics) and target them to relevant stakeholder groups to gather focused insights. Customise your assessment criteria with various options and scales to suit your needs. Enhance the depth of your data with the ability to collect qualitative feedback through comments. Our web-based surveys are easily distributed via email, ensuring a broad reach.

Double Materiality Assessment - Automated Web Surveys
Double Materiality Assessment - Assessment Results

Assessment Results

Once responses are submitted, our system automatically collects and processes the data, providing you with actionable insights and comprehensive analysis of your stakeholders' perspectives.

See all the assessment details and export it to Spreadsheets.

Materiality Matrix

Map out and analyze the significance and impact of various sustainability topics against the level of concern to your stakeholders. By presenting a clear, interactive matrix, you can easily identify which issues are most material to your organization and stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making. This visual representation helps align your strategy with stakeholder expectations and ensures that your focus is on the areas that matter most, facilitating effective resource allocation and strategic planning in your sustainability initiatives.

Double Materiality Assessment -  Materiality Matrix
Double Materiality Assessment - AI Assistant

AI Assistant

AI Assistant symbol

Our AI Assistant, expertly taught about CSRD and ESRS standards is your go-to resource for all aspects of sustainability practices, methods, and methodologies, including Double Materiality Assessment. It offers deep insights and guidance to enhance your ESG strategy in general. With our AI Assistant, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, ensuring your assessment process is accurate, comprehensive, and aligned with the latest in sustainability standards.

Other Features

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited stakeholders and email messages

  • Excel export for all data used and created during an assessment

  • Assessment methodology and process descriptions for reporting

  • Secure API (GraphQL) for software integrations


Pinpoint relevant sustainability issues accurately and assess their impact effectively



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