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Software for ESG Reporting

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The software fully covers your ESG reporting needs and acts as a robust content management system to organise all your sustainability information—from strategies and metrics to IROs and action plans.

* No credit card required during 30 day trial.

Platform Features

Platform Features

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Double Materiality Assessment

The DMA module in our ESG Reporting Platform gives businesses a practical approach to identify and assess the impact, risks, and opportunities associated with ESG aspects within their operations. It offers concrete insights into how your company's environmental and social initiatives can drive strategic advantages, enhance risk mitigation, and uncover new opportunities, thereby making your ESG reporting more focused and actionable.


The ESG Reporting Board is designed to comply with CSRD and ESRS standards, provides a practical solution for businesses to navigate the complexities of these regulations. This feature simplifies the compliance process, turning it into an opportunity for strategic insight and competitive advantage.

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GHG Emissions

GHG Emissions Accounting feature simplifies the process of tracking your company's emissions, offering an tool straightforward recording. This functionality is designed to streamline your emissions data management, providing organised overview that supports compliance and reporting requirements. While it doesn't delve into complex analyses, it empowers your business to record GHG emissions.


The AI agents are designed to streamline your ESG reporting process. The Assistants offer support by generating drafts of relevant impacts, risks, and opportunities, enabling you to quickly identify and articulate key ESG elements pertinent to your business. Additionally, an AI agent dedicated to navigating the ESRS standards provides guidance, ensuring your reports align with current requirements.

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Data Hub

The Sustainability Data Hub module is designed to meet the Minimum Disclosure Requirements (MDR) for Actions and Resources, Metrics, Policies and Targets as stipulated by the ESRS standards. The data are structured with all necessary attributes, enabling companies not only to store it for reporting purposes but also to facilitate ongoing analysis and informed decision-making.

Reporting Landscape

Navigating ESG reporting might seem straightforward at the element level—whether it’s targets, action plans, IROs, policies, metrics, or more—but connecting these elements reveals a complex landscape. The Mitigate ESG Platform simplifies this process, enabling you to build and integrate each reporting element seamlessly. It ensures your sustainability data is well-organized and primed for meaningful analysis. After all, the core goal is improvement, right? With our platform, you're equipped to make impactful decisions based on clear, comprehensive insights.



Annual Fee

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited data

  • All features included


EUR / annually

* No credit card required during 30 day trial.

Or subscribe monthly



EUR / monthly

Double Materiality Assessment Full Functionality

CSRD (ESRS) Reporting

Autogenerated Web-Based (iXBRL), PDF and Word Report formats

CO2 Emissions Accounting
Full Functionality

ESRS Adaptive Updates

Double Materiality Assessment


EUR / monthly

Standardised Methodology


Stakeholder Management


Topics, Impacts, Risks and Opportunities Management


Automated Email/Web


Surveys Materiality Matrix

Excel, PDF Exports



EUR / monthly

Scope 1, 2, 3 data registers

GHG Protocol compliant

Annual Progress Tracking

Default Emission Factors


Custom Emission Factors

Excel, PDF Exports

All plans include:

  • Unlimited users

  • GraphQL API for integrations

  • Guaranteed support within business days and working hours

  • Unlimited subsidiaries for data sharing 

Special Subscription Prices For:

  • Multiple account clusters (Consultants, Groups, Holdings)

  • NGO's

  • Educational institutions

Forever Free for Non-profits: Simplify Your Operations and Focus on Your Mission

We recognize the invaluable contributions nonprofits make to our communities. That's why we're excited to offer our software to all qualifying nonprofit organizations at no cost—forever. We aim to streamline your administrative burdens, empowering you to devote more time and resources to your impactful work. Ready to get started? Activate your complimentary lifetime account today.

The Team

The Team Leaders

Arvis Zeile

Arvis Zeile

A top-tier engineer, boasts over 20 years of experience. He has dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology, creating business-critical solutions. His expertise is matched only by his passion for sustainable industry growth.

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Jana Trapāne

Jana Trapāne

An experienced lawyer with over 15 years in the field, holds certification as an International Sustainable Finance Advisor. Her specialisation in Tech and ESG strategy implementation has been instrumental in shaping forward-thinking solutions.

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